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Popped my cork back in…

SHIT! Yesterday I was really excited because I knew ALL DAY that I had a date with Mr. Right last night….I ignored fright from the dreaded trip to the dentist office, I let the irritation of last minute Holiday shopping roll of my back, I even remained unphased at the inconsideration my mother showed while we were out shopping all because I KNEW WE WERE HAVING OUR QT! Monday he told he to call him at 6pm when we got off work:

exact conversation:

6:12pm (just so I didn’t seem THIRSTY, I gave a courtesy 12 minutes, not to late and yet not on time)

Me: Hey you! (sexy yet subtle)

Him: Hey baby! How are you!

Me: I’m well…hows your day….

(casual small talk, me being the Southern Belle I am trained to be uber polite)

Finally what I’ve been waiting for….

Him: So we’re still on for today right? I’m feeling a lot better (he was sick) so I can’t wait for tonight…

Me: Okay, I’m excited too, I had a long day.

Him: You planning on going out with everyone or what?

Me: Not sure yet, you?

Him: No, I just kind of want to lay low, just me & you

Me: ::in my head SCORE:: Oh that’s fine, yeah…lets just have a quiet evening in….

We get off the phone…..less than 1 hour later…


Him: Hey, I totally forgot I have to go to Cassandra’s going away party tonight but I still want to spend time with you…

Me:(dang, no invite to Cassy’s party (she’s one of his oldest friends from Junior High)) that’s fine, they were giving me a hard time about not coming out anyways (I want to remind him, people want me….DUDES want me) so I can just come through afterwards….

Him: Perfect,I’ll be done at about 10-10:30pm-ish….Alright babygirl, I’ll see you there…

Me: Ok, bye. (I love & loathe when he calls me babygirl)

So I get prepared, I’m pretty sure some clothes are coming off tonight so I must re-take my shower so I can make sure all the entire field is clear of grass (I have been hairless thus far, must remain hairless here on out, right?) And I get ready to go out…

So, like always, I am running extremely late….I’m a tad bit nervous because I don’t arrive to the get together at 9:45 (knowing it started at 9) so I send a courtesy text at 10:15 saying

Hey, I’m probably going to leave here within the next 30 minutes or that good….

Party…Party….Party…Party…grab my phone at 11:36!!! OH CRAP, I hope he didn’t text me..what an idiot for not keeping my phone on me..I can’t believe…*pause* No text back, no response…what the hell?

So I call him….no answer…..

Party…Party….Party….Party…I finally depart from my location at 12:45am & send him another text, giving him the opportunity to give me the green light to come over…..wait in my car for 7 minutes, NO RESPONSE….I drive home…

Immediately when I get home of course I pass out….wake up no response…(since I woke up at 8am ish I did give him a pass for not texting or calling me)

Now, 11:37am…all passes have been given out, all excuses have been made in my head…I know he’s at work, I know he got my text and call…STILL NO RESPONSE…what the hell?

So I’m pissed….I was so excited about him and bursting with joy over how wonderful he has been over the last 6 weeks that I’ve been gushing to girlfriends about him, I ]passed on a romp session in the bedroom with an old flame (who is so deliciously sexy that he is almost impossible to resist (I couldn’t totally pass on the semi-makeout session))…

So now, like the fine bottle of wine that I am, rather than gushing over him, I am NOW popping my cork back in…

It won’t be impossible for him to redeem himself, however it won’t be easy either….uggh….

I am now all of the things I hate being: powerless, horny, waiting & a tad bit confused over what happened to him last night…


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