I Love You, Man!

So, one of my followers on twitter (@ralphdiesel) pointed out this morning that I, in the last week, have been quite the male basher. I’m not this feminist, crazy psycho man hater who goes around snarling and complaining about every man who has done me wrong since pre-school BUT I do have my up’s & down’s with the opposite sex. But, like I do with everything else in my life, I will compile a list of the pros & cons of men.


10. They are emotional wrecks.

9. They refuse to take responsibilty

8. They really don’t understand women

7. They usually are big babies

6. They live by and dictate double standards. 

5. They suck.

4. Usually they’re bark is bigger than their bite (in the bedroom)

3. Most of them believe chivalry is lost in translation.

2. They’re men.

1. They think with their little head and not their big head.


1. They have a penis and that is the sole reason why women continue to deal with their bull ish.

The single fact listed above cause the pro to outweigh the cons. The fact of the matter is men have a penis and women don’t- this is the sole reason I have not become an raging lesbian feminist, and despite all of the crap SOME men put me through, its the other men out there (and their penis) that make me smile. Seriously, I love you man!

This post is dedicated to @ralphdiesel. 



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7 responses to “I Love You, Man!

  1. 99 problems

    99 problems but a dick ain’t one!
    hit me…!

  2. Jasmine

    Hahahahaha…this is funny and true on soooo many levels. And why is that lady giving her the side eye lol

  3. From your list of “attributes” that these men posses it seems as though you are dealing with rehabilitating “broken” men opposed to growing with someone who is currently able to present their best self.

  4. CrazyMed

    Couldn’t have said it better!!!!

  5. Wow.. ok.. Sounds like someone woke up on the wrong side of the [insert inappropiate comment] that morning. However, you always have to look at the bright side of things, gives me an opportunity to indulge on a popular topic. We, “men” are not as ignorant and selfless as you may think. I provide some insightual comments on “how to make women happy”, “How to tell when he’s interested”, and “ways to date on a budget.”….. just follow the way…. http://www.chuckcity.vox.com

  6. Jane

    you forgot a few things men also have as to why we put up with them, aside from them having a penis….

    *They can choose to have facial hair, scruff at the right length is alllllllllll gooooooooooood. 🙂 😉

    *They smell great naturally, no not the b/o part, they smell sweet/musky/clean….

    *They have that perfect dip in the small of their backs that just make you want to lick them.

    *They are basic creatures. Meat, Potatoes, sex, sports, cars, sex.

    *They carry only enough drama that will fit into a carry on bag. IF it over flows, they dump the excess.

    *They’re strong and useful around the house when we feel the need to pull the helpless female card. (Use that card sparingly ladies)

    *They have the ability to make us feel safe, needed, wanted and desired all with a look and/or a touch/hug etc.

    *They too have the basic need to feel wanted/loved/needed/desired.

    In general, men are awesome!

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