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“After a while, you just want to be with the one that makes you laugh” -Mr. Big

He also forgot that you want to be with the one that makes you orgasm 14 times a week….A month or so ago I wrote a post called “real life brown sugar”. Well, I got mine. After 8 years of a purely platonic friendship I have embarked upon this brand new journey in dating–dating a friend.

Its been amazing thus far…I completely and fully trust him (which I have never done before), we know each other really well (and have known each other for a long time), we truly enjoy each others companionship and ultimately we have a lot in common so we make a perfect match. Sounds to good to be true right?

Exactly, it is…There is one problem–after being friends for 8 years the transition from friendship to dating has been hard. Yes, we are both extremely attracted to each other and yes we have chemistry and when we finally have sex it is absolutely amazing, BUT the keyword is WHEN. It has been kind of hard to jump right into being super affectionate and overly touchy feely with someone that you’ve spent the past 8 years being perfectly comfortable being next to all day without once thinking about copping a feel.

It’s so ironic that usually I am begging guys I am dating to keep their hands off of me and now, I finally have a guy whose hands I wouldn’t amputate shoo away if he did reach out to put on my derriere. And on top of this new transition our extensive work schedules make us so tired that by the time we end up getting some QT is usually spent talking, sleeping or being on our blackberrys. Basically the chemistry and physical attraction has been manifested but not totally fostered.

Who would’ve thought we’d ever see the day when I, “Black Heart”, actually wants to have a physical connection with a man. Don’t get me wrong, the chemistry and the desire are definitely there, its just an extremely hard transition to go from hanging out to humping….Karma is a B*TCH!

Guess Usher & Luda didn’t realize how freaking hard it can be to transform a friend into a lover before they made that freaking song….

Happy Day Before Freedom!


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