Three Letter Word….

Disclaimer: I am not promiscuous.


I have not had a lot of sexual partners but I have engaged in a lot of sex, enough to know that good sex is the cure for everything in my life. Sex cures-stress, bloating, pimples, illness, anxiety, attitude problems and ultimately good sex will make a woman ACT RIGHT!

So once again, I love sex. I mean honestly, who doesn’t like a good passionate romp in the bedroom. Now, because I am not a heaux, when I am not exclusively dating somebody I become celibate because sex really should be a declaration how your feelings and how much you care for your significant other. With that being said, when I am exclusively involved with a man my sex drive is that of  a 17 year old boy in the peak of puberty.

So riddle me this, why have I NOT HAD SEX. Yeah, I said it, I cannot remember the last time I felt a [insert vulgar sexual act here]. Between work, graduations, birthdays and everything else that comes in between, my time with my sig-fig (significant other) has been cut by 95%. The few times that we have been able to see each other have been spent with other people (family, friends, double dates etc.) which means the sex has been cut 100%.

I am literally pulling my hair out. I’ve gone through 2 sets of AAA batteries, I change the channel when I see a couple passionately kiss, hell, I can’t even listen to sexual songs without feeling like my vagina is going to fall out. Honestly, I cannot be the only person suffering from a seemingly non-existent sex life. Its not that the chemistry or the want isn’t there, its honestly the time that doesn’t exist.

Pray my strength, as sex-less June turns into July. Actually, pray I get some good [insert any word for a males genitals here] before July 1st so at least my relationship won’t seem so hopeless.

Hopelessly Horny on a Mundane Monday….


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  1. sojazzy1

    Im mad you put up the disclaimer: I am not promiscuous lol. Seeing as though I can’t have sex unless I’m in a relationship either I haven’t had sex in 18 months! Count it 18 MONTHS!!! Trust I know how you feel but my antsy-ness is on a hundred, thousand, trillion level!

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