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Pillow Talk Gone Wrong

I love sex talk. Sex without talking (or noise) is boring…who doesn’t wanna hear “just like that” or “right there” or “Oh My God”….we all like a little spice added in the bedroom.

Well, the one phrase you don’t want to say is .”I LOVE YOU” for the first time with your new boo. I swear I didn’t think Samantha & Richard’s (SATC) exchange of these 3 little words could almost become my own.

My latest sexscapade was AMAZING. Toe curling, sheet grabbing, sweaty, hot & heavy just how I like it. So of course we have the little sex-changes as usual to keep things spicy and the….he hit the spot. That spot that “Mr. Right Now” first discovered almost 3 years ago that made a single tear roll down my cheek….yeah ladies, THAT SPOT. Only this time between the emotional connection, the fantastic sex and the nyquil I said “I love…..(By this time I realized what I was about to say so I stopped myself) ummmm IT….”

So for the past 24 hours I am mulling over the fact that I have been taken to a level I’ve been trying to fight for the past couple of years…..can I possibly be in love?

Say it aint so Venus….say it aint so……


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